Hello! I’m, Sony!

Hello! I’m, Sony Johny, an artist currently based in Toronto, Canada.

Having lived in many cities and countries through my adult life, the stories of people I met  through my travels and the variety of landscapes and architectural marvels I've seen throughout the world; have had a great impact on my perspective and style. I draw inspiration from the little joys of life that touch my heart. The most rewarding experience  for me is knowing that my art  brings a smile to someone’s face.

I worked in the corporate sector for many years until I found solace in  paints, colours, and textures. Soon I deep-dived  into the world of art and thus,  Sony's Studio was born!

I love exploring different styles of art and art forms - from illustrations to calligraphy/lettering to painting and decoupage. Art is an extremely meditative experience for me and I attempt to take the viewers through the emotions that I  feel while creating it. Art has a transformative capacity of turning a dull, boring space into a lively, creative, joyous one that can impact your mind and mood extensively.

My art is very reflective of my life experiences, opinions, thoughts, and      sentiments - sometimes deep and sometimes quirky. While working on every  piece, I try to tap into the deeper fibres of my soul that wishes to try and leave  this world a little better than I found it.

View more of my work and connect with me via social media:

Instagram: @sonys.studio

Facebook: /sonys.studio