Inspiration for my Fall Collection designs

It's one of the most exciting times for me when Fall whispers it's magic into the air and the leaves turn into vibrant hues of red, yellow, orange and green. I can never get used to witnessing this miracle when nature chooses to paint the town red - quite literally. I love everything about fall - the food, the fashion, the colors and long walks in the nippy weather. 

These are few of the pictures that I took when I was on one of those long walks. It's safe to say that I turned into that parent who can't stop taking pictures of his/her kid dressed up for Halloween.

Fall leaves
A riot of fall colors contrasting the blue sky
Fall colors
Fall foliage in all it's glory
Needles to say, I felt so touched by this blessing bestowed upon me by Mother Nature, I had to pour my heart out with some paints!
Fall Leaf watercolor painting
My Fall Leaf watercolor painting on 300 gsm watercolor paper
I added some calligraphy 'Hello Fall' to capture how I felt when I saw the magical transformation of the foliage. And thus, my fall design for my Fall Collection on my store was born! Here's a poster and tee shirt from the collection...
Fall Leaf PosterFall Leaf T shirt
Fall Collection available on the store
I am someone who is constantly in awe of Mother nature and seeks for inspiration from her a lot. I found so much joy in creating this design and I certainly hope I could share some of it with you too.
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